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♥ FAQ ♥
Why are you not updating the website with new dress up games / avatar creators?

Making dress up games is very time consuming and costly. Currently I can only afford to release them on my Patreon page.

Will there ever be free dress up games / avatar creators again?

I hope so!

Adobe Flash is dying soon. Will you convert your games into html5 format?

Currently, I can’t. My dress up games are very complex and has many options, which makes it difficult for me to convert them into html5 format.

What will happen to your dress up games once Adobe Flash is dead?

I am exporting my new dress up games into standalone desktop applications. Which means, you will be able to download them and play them on your computer.

Will you make mobile applications?

Not right now. I want to focus on desktop applications and games.

Will you be making more free online visual novels / otome games?


Will you make Ascension Chapter 4?

No. Ascension is a complete game. I don’t plan on continuing the series.

Ascension is a Flash game. Will you convert it into the new format, so we can play it after 2020?

For many reasons, I decided not to update/fix or convert Ascension. It will be gone after 2020.

I want to support you, but I can’t afford to join your Patreon at the moment.

Thank you so so much! Blogging, tweeting, sharing the games online, or even small encouraging messages are always appreciated!

Can I access the nsfw version of your games somewhere other than Patreon?

Currently they are a Patreon exclusive benefit. But once a game is completed (or completed for one season), I will consider selling the nsfw version on platforms like itch.io.

Do your games have LGBT romance options?


How often do you update your games with new chapters?

A new chapter releases at least once a month.

When will they be completed?

These online visual novels are very much like TV shows. They can only be updated if they pass the required amount of views each month. Each of them has at least 6-7 planned chapters, but if they cannot reach the views required, they will start to be updated more scarcely. If they get little to no views, they will be cancelled eventually. If they suppress the amount of views needed, they will secure more seasons. Currently Oathbreaker is secured for at least two seasons. (Which is roughly about 14 chapters) Noctis Umbra is planned to end after 6-7 chapters.

Do you plan to have male leads for any visual novels?

Not exclusively, but I will add an optional male lead in my next visual novel.

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