What is Rinmaru Games?

Rinmaru Games is a free dress up game website for young girls.

Can I use the images of this game in my commercial project?

No, you are not allowed to use any of our games in any kind of commercial project.

Who makes these games? Where do they come from?

Exclusive games are usually made by me(Rinmaru) and Pichichama. But occasionally we work with various artists and programmers.

Manga Creator games are usually programmed and designed by me(Rinmaru) and drawn by various artists such as PrinceOfRedroses and milyKnight .

How often do you make a new game?

We try our best to make a new game every week.Pichichama usually makes a new game every week and i(Rinmaru) try create a new mega game every month.

We also try to publish at least 2 manga creators every month.

Making a good game takes a lot of time so i am always grateful for your patience and understanding.

Where did the log-in go? What happened to my profile?

Due to some technical problems, i had to remove the profile section off the website. You can share your creations using our Facebook page or the forum.

When is the part 2 of Video Game Avatar Creator be released?
The next page button on the dress up games section doesn't work and i see a blank page!

1-Update your internet explorer to the latest version.

If that doesn't work,

2-Download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and try again.

If none of these work send us a message using "Contact Us" form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can i use your game to create my OC?

Yes. In fact please do. I am always happy to know my games help your imagination & creativity.

Can i upload the pictures i made using your games on my blog/Deviantart/Tumblr?

You can upload it anywhere you want. It’s not mandatory but I would be very happy if you can give the game credit so other people can play and enjoy it too.

What if i use your game and say I drew it !


Why do you make games? What’s in it for you?

To put it plainly it’s because i love it. But it’s a long story that is at least 900 pages long.

I have a suggestion!!!

Unfortunately, i'm currently full on suggestions. So many things to do.

Can you please make a game of my favorite anime show/manga/cartoon/movie/book?

I am very very sorry but i can’t. I am not allowed to use cropyrighted materials. But if i ever find a way around it i will deffinetly take that chance.

I sent you a message but you never replied!!!

Please don’t get mad!! I get a lot of messages from various websites and e-mails everyday and it’s impossible to reply them all. If i reply them all i won’t have time to create new games.

I need help!!! I don’t understand this!!

Please send me a message at info@rinmarugames.com or get help from fellow Rinmaru Gamers by sending a comment on our facebook page.

What’s the song in this game i played???

Check the credits in the game.If it’s not there it’s probably from www.audiojungle.net .

I saw my copyrighted material in one of your games and i want it removed.

Please send me a message at info@rinmarugames.com and i will have it removed asap.

I want my game removed from your website.

Please send me a message at info@rinmarugames.com and i will have it removed asap.

Can i upload your games in my website?

Yes, you can.

Can i buy an advertisement spot in your website?

Please send me a message at info@rinmarugames.com

Can you put my banner in your website?

Please send me a message at info@rinmarugames.com.

Can i buy your website?

I’m sorry.I am not selling my website.Unless you are paying 10 million dollars in which case please contact me at yayimrich@rinmarugames.com (i’m joking...there is no yayimrich@rinmarugames.com ).

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