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How do I save my creations?

For my newer games, just click on the orange camera button in the games. For the older games, there are bugs and glitches I'm still working on. Please just use the good old print-screen and paste on paint method for a little while longer.

I can't see this game on my mobile.

My games are currently mobile unfriendly.

It says I need to update adobe flash.

Update adobe flash.

This game is not loading!

My games are very large in megabyte. Some of them may take up to 5 to 10 minutes to load, depending on your network speed.

Your website was down yesterday!

I don't have my own server, meaning I have to rent it from a hosting provider. From time to time, my providers have temporary bugs or emergency meintenances. Please be patient. We will be back in 1-2 hours at most.

Your forum didn't send me my activation link!

I'm aware of the problems with my current forum. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Try a different e-mail address, or check your junk folder.

I saw someone selling your games' artwork, claiming it as their own!

Jerks! Please send me a message at [email protected].

A game is missing from the website!

There is a big possibility that it's deleted. Sometimes, I delete older games which gets almost no views to clean my website. Spring cleaning.

When are you going to update this game!?

I'm probably not going to. I'm really busy working on new games to go back and update older ones. With one exception: Mega Anime Avatar Creator.

I can't download and play your games offline.

My newer games only work online.

The song has disappeard from this game!

My new games won't have any music on. They are too large on megabytes and most people complain about loud music.

I hate the new color slider system.

It takes me months of hard work to create a game. Please take more than 10 seconds to consume them.

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